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A promo review of our upcoming release for Collabor88 - coming 8 May
23 Palace // Psychedelic Backdrop

Tune Mark Dekoda - Rave Harder Techno Bass


*Modded means I have personally edited/adjusted/retextured/scripted these modifiable items to create the outfit and they do not come like this originally

Rave Dances by Abranimations - * Rave Dance Pack - 14 mocap dances
MT - Thin Body Enhancer
MAZE.mods - Soft Thighs
Moon. Cyber Love Bra
Moon. Cyber Love Bra Cell Shade SPECIAL
Moon. Cyber Love Shorts
Moon. Cyber Love Shorts Cell Shade SPECIAL
SEKA's NeoGlitch Collar (effect)
Void + Minttea - Demure Lashes
Full Body Polynesia Style NEON GREEN BOM Tattoo by Giggy Grut (MP)

MODDED: !K&L! Rainbow Nova Kitty pants
MODDED: .:: Psyche ::. - Eyebrow pearls
MODDED: :[UD]:. High-Tech Cyber Boots
MODDED: :: B@R ::: Dread Takosan C3Mr Gloves
MODDED: AMBIX // Rave Candy Bracelets
MODDED: Catseye Hair "Desert Rose"
MODDED: Abranimations Color Changing Glow Sticks
MODDED: .:3DGS:. Cyberpunk Ears
RGB MODDED: MAZE.mods - Stockings Applier by MoOH
MODDED: [CX] Firmly Bound Harness - Black
MODDED: [OMBRA] - Fang Mask
MODDED: SSD] ARX Chest Plug Heart

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