From time to time someone always asks me what windlights I use, and my answer is always the same. When I'm setting up for a photo, I choose a base windlight and then edit it until I am satisfied, finally saving it under a brain-fart name. At the end of the day the result windlight is my own.

For a while I had my older windlights available via a Dropbox link - but they were messy, a bit like my mind! Now that I have some free time, I decided to go ahead and tidy them up to reupload in case someone wants to use or edit them.

The 2016 collection is complete and is available HERE

**UPDATE for 2017** A little bit delayed, but Satomi's 2017 windlights have been updated as we step into 2018. The 2017 collection is now complete, feel free to redownload & replace existing ones (move into your WL folder, the system will ask you if you want to replace those you already have, click yes.)

Changes: 23 new 'Satomi's 2017' windlights, 2017 collection complete & final.

The 2017 collection, HERE

The 2018 collection has been launched and can be downloaded HERE. Please note this is not a complete set as we're only in July as I write this. This collection will be updated over-time and a final version will be added by the end of 2018.

You can download the few water presets HERE.
Please note, the installation folder is different (water instead of skies)!

What has changed in 2018?

I added an SL Water folder which only holds very few set-ups but you might find them useful as some of them were matched with corresponding WLs and may be referenced in my photos.


Click 'Download' and the .ZIP file containing all of the windlights and a tutorial text file will be yours. Please note that in case you are using a different viewer to standard, the instructions vary (the location of the 'skies' folder will be in 'Firestorm' instead of 'Second Life' or 'Black Dragon' folder, for example.)

Please remember that in a lot of cases I use additional (artificial) light to help me achieve the result I want. For tutorials and tips please visit my Youtube channel HERE.

Also! A lot of my windlights are for photos within a set, or a photo booth, and not outdoors - and so they were saved purely due to how the light affects the subject, and not how the sky/water look! This is important.


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