Move! Animation Cologne are back with a chilled mens' dance pack - Jay. 
Ladies don't shy away, it's quite fitting for everybody! I absolutely adore Jay's progressive moves, swinging from casual warm-up to cheering the DJ to sassy moves. It's a great set and a must in any dance HUD for any gender. I love how it involves you in this dancer & DJ relationship, it certainly is a first in SL to offer DJ cheering & reaction dances. 

The dances are 300L each and you can save 30% on each dance fatpack you purchase.

Below you will also find a fully 3D experience video showcasing MOVE! Animation Jay motion capture in detail. 

The dances are recorded with HQ cameras at a real club with real people & DJs in Move! Animation hometown Cologne, Germany. 




Don't forget to switch that HD setting on & enjoy!

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