Do you know the feeling when you just cannot choose one image because you had too much fun and got too attached? Yeah, that one.


Pose [FOXCITY. Deviation]


Hair [Love [Honeysuckle] Roots & Streaks @ TFC]
Choker [.::BF::. You Star Choker Pink]
Top [11. {sallie} Notice Me Senpai - camisole - pink berry]
Panties [4. {sallie} Notice Me Senpai - pantie - red]


Building [{L} Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE]
Bed [{L} Anime Room; Cream Bed RARE]
Rug [{L} Anime Room; Kuma Rug RARE]
Table [{L} Anime Room; Table UNCOMMON]
Posters (edited) [{L} Anime Room; Posters]
Mirror [+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Oval Wall Mirror (White)]
Body Pillows [{L} Anime Room; Body Pillow]
Dog [+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Better View]
Laptop [(fd) Creative Laptop - Sweet Background]
Mobile 1 [[Commoner] Carried Away / Flip Phone]
Mobile 2 [ALTAIR* usagi keitai .pink.]
Keys [[Commoner] Carried Away / Keys]
Yearbook [Pixel Geek - Cutesy "Yearbook" book with bow]
Stuffed Toys [{L} Anime Room; Plushies]
Notebook clutter [{L} Anime Room; Magical Girl's Books UNCOMMON /{L} Anime Room; Kohai's Notebook UNCOMMON ]
Desk Lamp [-David Heather-Rabbit Lamp/Pink]
Stereo [NS:: Old Stereo]
Makeup [little bones. Falsies Case / -David Heather-Makeup Pouch]
Clock [-tres blah- Salad Days - Gold Alarm Clock]
Phone [-tb- Rotary Phone with Bow - Pink RARE]
Bookshelf [{L} Anime Room; Small Shelf UNCOMMON]
Chair [+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Chair (White)]
Vase [[Commoner] Carried Away / Vase of Carnations]
Camera [-David Heather-Vintage Camera]
Pencils [[ keke ] pencils and pens GIFT]
Jewellery Display [+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Fauxidermy Jewelry Holder]
Sweater [{L} Anime Room; Hanging Sweater]

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